Glitch Anomaly ist eine Philosophie, es ist mehr als nur eine Modemarke, es ist ein Lebensstil, eine Idee, die die Prinzipien verkörpert, die eigene Einzigartigkeit und Nichtkonformität mit den Normen jeder Gesellschaft anzunehmen. Ein „Glitch“ ist per Definition eine Anomalie, ein Ereignis, das als ikonisch betrachtet wird.


Made with the highest quality materials

At Glitch Anomaly, we use only the highest quality materials in our clothing. Our commitment to sustainability means that we opt for organic cotton and recycled polyester, which not only reduces our impact on the environment but also ensures that our garments are durable and long-lasting. By choosing Glitch Anomaly, you're investing in clothing that is both ethical and fashionable. Shop with us today and experience the difference quality materials can make.

We Only Work With Producers That Are Certified by Global Organic Textile Standards

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Signature Collection

Experience the luxury of our Staple Collection, carefully crafted with organic cotton for a comfortable and sustainable everyday wardrobe.

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Bio-Degradable Collection

Discover our Bio-Degradable Collection made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Shop eco-friendly streetwear that's stylish and sustainable!